eu-LISA Industry Roundtable

The last edition of the Industry Roundtable focused on cloud technologies. It took place during two full days, on 11 and 12 of June in Antwerp, Belgium and it was also streamed online.

The event, entitled, ‘Going to the cloud: Why it matters for the EU public sector and how to make it work’ was organised in cooperation with the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the EU.

Over recent years, cloud technologies have become increasingly popular in the public sector due to their ability to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the delivery of public services.

Without any doubts this complex new environment brings alongside with it several challenges and opportunities. Thus, the Industry Roundtable focused on how the existing cloud solutions can address key topics such as:

  • Ensuring security, privacy and sovereignty
  • Interoperability and standardisation
  • Cloud adoption models for the public sector in the EU
  • On-premise hosting VS off-premise and hybrid hosting
  • Network performance and responsiveness optimisation
  • Digital transformation and innovation

Through presentations and discussions, participants gained insights into the EU position for cloud technologies, the differences between the several available cloud options as well as their advantages and limitations. Additionally, they learned from practical experiences in other public organisations in order to have a better and deeper understanding of how this new thriving technology may be applied to their own particular use-cases.

The eu-LISA Industry Roundtable aims to bring together representatives of the industry, Member States’ authorities and EU institutions; providing a forum for eu-LISA stakeholders to exchange views on developments of different technologies applied to the migration and home affairs’ domain.

Industry presentations propose their contributions to the topic selected, featuring pioneering technologies, products and services addressing the Member States’ capability gaps in the specific area of interest.

eu-LISA currently operates three large-scale IT systems – Eurodac, SIS, VIS – and is working on the development of EES and ETIAS. These systems and the pre-existing ones are being built/adapted to ensure Interoperability - improved access to information stored in EU information systems and identity management at an EU level. In addition, the Agency’s portfolio has been enlarged within the justice domain: with the development of ECRIS-TCN, the management of e-CODEX and the development of the Collaboration Platform for Joint Investigation Teams (JITs).