June 2017 – Summary report

A single search portal and shared BMS for Europe: Moving forward with concrete implementation

The event was attended by 55 representatives of industry alongside the staff of eu-LISA, EASO and Frontex, convening to discuss the various concepts of interoperability introduced by the European Commission in 2016, considered by the High Level Expert Group on Information Systems and Interoperability for the past year and currently being studied by the Agency and its stakeholders with a view to implementation in the coming years.

During the morning session, eu-LISA, EASO and the EC DG HOME provided presentations on the state of play of current planning around interoperability, the Agency study on a common ABIS and the potential benefits of interoperability for the end user community. Industry participants responded to the challenges laid down when providing presentations and discussing matters afterwards. Accenture, SAP, Guardtime, Augmentiq and SAS all provided interesting input in their presentations, recounting experiences related to implementation of interoperability elsewhere, considering the potential architectures for interoperable systems including Blockchain technology and considering questions of data quality and analytics.

The event provided an initial impetus for industry support to the Agency in the domain of interoperability and represented another effort by the Agency to engage this important sector on a topic of relevance in a fair and transparent manner.