Day I: 1 June 13.00 – 16.30 CET

TimeAgenda point
Krum Garkov (eu-LISA)
Dr António Pombeiro (Deputy General Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Portugal)
13:10-13:45Keynote Presentation and Q&A
ICAO Technologies Boosting EU Border Innovation. Global Impact through Adoption of International Standards
Dr Ciaran Carolan (ICAO)
13:45-14:15e-VISA Pilot Presentation and Q&A
Guido Brockman (eu-LISA)
14:15-14:45Implementing Contactless Travel in an Airport Environment. Presentation of a Portuguese Pilot Project
Vision-Box & ANA/ VINCI Aeroportos de Portugal
14:45-15:00Virtual Coffee Break
Session I – Enabling Contactless Travel: e-Visa, Digital Identity and Travel Credentials
15:00-15:20Hybrid Data Enrolment in Online Visa Applications
VFS Global
15:20-15:40Remote Identity Proofing Using Multi-modal Biometrics
15:40-16:00MB Tecure ID Digital Identity Solution for Online and Offline Use Cases
Mühlbauer ID Services
16:00-16:30Panel Discussion and Q&A
16:30Closing Session I

Day II: 2 June 13.00 – 16.30 CET

TimeAgenda point
13:05-13:30EU Security Market Study & Q&A
Ciara Walsh & Emma Vermunicht (Deloitte)
13:30-14:00Keynote Presentation
Face Recognition in 2021 and its Use in Paperless Travel and Immigration
Patrick Grother (NIST)
14:15-14:30Virtual Coffee Break
Session II – Enabling Contactless Travel: Biometric Technologies for Secure and Efficient Border Crossing
14:30-14:50Piloting Touchless Biometric Lane with Eurostar
14:50-15:10“Drive-through” Border Solution
15:10-15:30OneID for Passenger Facilitation
IN Groupe
15:30-16:20Panel Discussion and Q&A
16:20-16:30Closing Session and Concluding Remarks