Speakers 2022 – Opening

Krum Garkov | Executive Director of eu-LISA

Opening remarks 11 October

Krum Garkov has more than 20 years of cross-cultural experience spanning the public and private sectors. He took up the Executive Director’s post at eu-LISA in November 2012 and has led the Agency with the vision to promote information and communication technologies as a key success factor for integrated border management and law enforcement at EU level. He sees eu-LISA’s mission in helping Members States in their efforts for safer Europe and ensuring the continuous and stable service delivery to them in the ever-evolving digital environment.

Vít Rakušan | 1st Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, Czech Republic

Mr Vít Rakušan is the 1st Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior of the Czech Republic. In 2010, he was elected mayor of Kolín and held this position until 2019.  After being elected Chairman of the Mayors movement, he stepped down from his mayoral position. In 2016, he was listed in the New Europe 100 — changemakers in Central and Eastern Europe, announced by the Financial Times.

He spent a year as Statutory Deputy Governor of the Central Bohemian Region for the areas of security and tourism; this position ended when he was elected Member of Parliament of the Czech Republic. Between 2017–2021 he worked in the Security Committee and the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. He was also the chairman of the Permanent Commission for the Supervision of Military Intelligence Service.